Vortices and Dimension Levels

Type Dimension Cycle Class Rota-
State of Equilibrium
Level3 Fallback -4.75D to -4.25D 2nd Unknown no Unknown
Level2 Fallback -5.75D to -5.25D 2nd Unknown no Dye
Unknown -6.0D to -5.75D  1st Half a spiral   Unknown
Electricity 6.0D <> -6.0D 1st EM Spiral yes -
Unknown 5.75D to 6.0D 1st Half a Spiral   Unknown
Unknown 5.75D (CW<>CCW) 1st Outer Bridge   Unknown
Unknown 5.75D 1st Exterior Tunnel   Unknown
Unknown 5.75D 2nd Bell   Unknown
Omega Ladder 5.25D to 5.75D 1st Ladder no Unknown
Omega Bridge 5.25D (Inw to Outw) 1st Inner Bridge no Unknown
Ultraduct 5.25D (Inw to Outw) 1st Interior Tunnel yes Unknown
Mirage 5.25D 2nd Disk no Silver
Scroll Ring 4.75D to 5.25D 1st Spiral yes Saturated Fat
Wake Belt 4.75D (CW<>CCW) 1st Outer Bridge no Slime
Bubble 4.75D 1st Exterior Tunnel no Soap
Tubular Ring 4.75D 2nd Bell yes Unknown
Aureole Belt 4.25D to 4.75D 1st Ladder no Unknown
Laminar Belt 4.25D (Inw to Outw) 1st Inner Bridge no Unsaturated Fat
Gyroduct 4.25D 1st Interior Tunnel yes Vulcanized Rubber
Capillion 4.25D 2nd Disk no Tin
Revolute 3.75D to 4.25D 1st Spiral yes Gelatin
Revodome 3.75D 2nd Bell yes Unknown
Cradle 3.75D 1st Exterior Tunnel no Chicle
Pilaster 3.75D (Outw to Inw) 1st Outer Bridge no Petroleum
Pylon 3.25D to 3.75D 1st Ladder no Unknown
Lentillion 3.25D 2nd Disk no Gallium
Exobar 3.25D 1st Outer Bridge no Pitch
Bulb 2.75D to 3.25D 1st Spiral no Air
Vessel 2.75D 2nd Bell no Unknown
Exoduct 2.75D 1st Exterior Tunnel no Natural Latex
Endobar 2.75D 1st Inner Bridge no Unknown
Amplicone 2.25D to 2.75D 1st Ladder no Dust
Mercury Belt 2.25D 2nd Disk yes Mercury
Troth 2.25D (CW<>CCW) 1st Outer Bridge   Honey
Swirl 1.75D to 2.25D 1st Spiral yes Water
Unknown 1.75D 2nd Bell   Unknown
Whirlpit 1.75D (Inw to Outw) 1st Exterior Tunnel yes Clay
Helibar 1.75D (Inw to Outw) 1st Inner Bridge yes Earth
Helicone 1.25D to 1.75D 1st Ladder yes Marl
Hyperbelt 1.25D 2nd Disk yes Unknown
Enexus 1.25D (CW<>CCW) 1st Outer Bridge no Resin
Disc 0.75D to 1.25D 1st Spiral yes Gypsum, Some Metals, Wood, Bone
Unknown 0.75D 2nd Bell   Unknown
Helix Tunnel 0.75D 1st Exterior Tunnel yes Baked Clay
Monolith 0.75D (Inw to Outw) 1st Inner Bridge no Rock
Spire 0.25D to 0.75D 1st Ladder no Crystal
Unknown 0.25D 2nd Disk   Titanium
Amberon (perhaps) 0.25D 1st Outer Bridge   Amber
Hyperkone 0.0D to 0.25D 1st Half a Spiral yes Diamond (when angular)
Amberon (perhaps) ~0.0D 1st Exterior Tunnel   Glass
Visible Light 0.0D 0 EM Spiral no -
Photosphere ~-0.0D -1st Exterior Tunnel no Unknown
Amplipole -0.25D to 0.0D -1st Half a Spiral no Unknown
Corona -0.75D to -0.25D -1st Ladder no Unknown
Sun Magnetic Field -1.25D to -0.75D -1st Spiral   Unknown